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What types of financing are available?

Home only (Chattel)– Financing programs for home-only loans.

Pre-Owned Home Financing-  Finance a Pre-Owned home purchase. Up to 23 year loan.

Land Home- For the purchase of land and home together.

Land in Lieu-A great option for customers to use their free and clear land as down payment. New homes only.


Equity Program- For homebuyers who have a credit score less than 600 and have the down payment that the Bank requires.  New Homes Only.

BUY-FOR Program -Purchase a home for a family member. 


CO-SIGNER Program - When buyer has a limited credit history but no derogatory credit.

Secondary -
A program available for non-primary residence purchase. 

Alternative Income-A financing program designed for self-employed customers. 


  • Minimum of 5% down (depending on credit score, can be higher)
  • Fixed interest rates
  • No Land Required
  • Financing for New and Used Manufactured Home
  • No Penalty for Early Pay-off
  • Up to 23 Year Term
  • Closing cost can be financed
  • Permanent or Non-permanent Foundations
  • Primary, Secondary, Vacation & Investment
  • Escrow is required for Homeowner's Hazard  Insurance and Taxes.
  • Mortgage Insurance is not required.
  • Payment options include Free Monthly Auto Draft Payment Option, Optional Free Bi-Weekly Payment Plan, and a convenient on-line payment option. 

Frequently Asked Questions


 Q.  Are there income tax advantages to owning your own Factory-Built home?  


A. Owning a factory-built home makes good economic sense.  You can deduct the interest you pay on your mortgage loan from your income taxes.  The American dream of home ownership still lives!  Champion Home Center can make that dream a reality for you and your family.

Factory-built homes are an Investment in your future.  They give you the opportunity to build the investment and tax advantages that only comes with owning your own home.


Q. Does the home have to be on a permanent foundation?

A. No. We can do singlewide and doublewide homes with or without a permanent foundation. This allows financing for homes on rented land, in parks, on leased property or on family land.


Q. What is the minimum down payment?

A. 5% is the minimum down payment.  Credit quality, occupancy type, loan affordability, and collateral type will ultimately determine your loan-to-value or down payment requirement.


Q. Where do the loans close?

A. On a home only loan, Champion Home Center will hold the closing, or we will mail the documents directly to you. A notary must notarize several forms. Land/home loans must close with a title company or attorney.


Q. What closing fees are charged?

A. Fees for origination, credit bureau, title transfer, and appraisal can be charged if applicable. Other fees that can be charged, if applicable, include Title/Escrow/Attorney fees for closing the transaction. All closing costs can be financed into the loan if desired.

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