Manufactured Homes (HUD Code)



What is a manufactured home?

Manufactured homes are factory-built homes engineered and constructed in accordance with the federal building code administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The HUD code was established in 1976. Prior to that time, manufactured homes were referred to as mobile homes. Manufactured homes may be single- or multi-section and are available in various sizes and floor plan configurations.


Why are Manufactured Homes more Affordable?
As the authorized retailer of some of the largest manufacturers in the country, our homebuyers benefit from their ability to purchase building materials, including interior features and appliances, in large quantities resulting in lower costs.  In addition to that, our Manufactured Home Builders, from years of experience, have developed advanced engineering and construction methods to ensure affordability and quality.


Buying a Manufactured Home

Champion Home Center is committed to making your new home buying experience enjoyable and as stress free as possible. Buying a manufactured home doesn't have to be complicated!     The 4 Step Manufactured Home Buying Guide below will help you understand the home buying process for manufactured homes.


Step 1: Selecting the home design that’s right for your family.

You can view the manufactured home plans for your region on our website  or visit us locally.    Get started today! 


Step 2: Visit Champion Home Center and tour our homes

There’s no better place to create the home of your dreams than at Champion Home Center.  What can you expect from us?  Friendly, knowledgeable and experienced housing consultants ready to make your dream of owning that perfect home a reality.


When you visit, you’ll discover a multitude of available features that you may not have expected in factory-built housing, including numerous floor covering options, energy saving packages, built-in specialty cabinets, computer/office areas, spa-style bathrooms, wood burning fireplaces and custom cabinetry, just to name a few. Your sales associate will help educate you on all the standard and optional features, and guide you through the selections for your new home.


Once you’ve made your selections, your sales associate will be able to provide you with a quote for the home including shipping, foundation, site prep, home setup and any site work necessary to complete your new home.


Step 3: Obtaining financing and ordering your home

From pre-approval through closing, Champion Home Center has the expertise to guide you through the financing process. They’ll be able to provide you with local and national banks they have experience with and will explain the different types of loan programs available.

Once your financing is in place, Champion Home Center will review your final options and décor selections and proceed with ordering your home.


Step 4: Building and installing your home

When your home is ordered, the factory will schedule it for production.  Building is usually complete within 30-60 days of the order date. The home is then shipped to our home center.  Your home will be delivered and set on your site when weather and ground conditions permit..  While the factory is building your home, Champion Home Center will be working with you to obtain the necessary building permits, preparing your lot for building, installing the foundation, if selected, and planning for utility hookups and other necessary site work. Local building officials will inspect the project on site at various stages.





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